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Agriculture AG024E07/19/1 Short Course

Course Information

This is an enjoyable course designed to give you sufficient knowledge to keep and manage your own hives. Subjects studied include hive types and siting, bee husbandry, bee diseases, feeding, protective clothing, how to extract and jar good quality honey from local blossoms and flower meadows.


  • College Certificate in Beekeeping
Course Content
  • Protective clothing
    Hive types and siting
    Components of a hive
    Understanding the colony
    Bee husbandry
    Bee diseases
    Collecting a swarm
    Winter feeding
    Extraction and jarring honey
    Storage of equipment
Entry Requirements
  • Interest and enthusiasm.
Next Steps
  • Smallholders course or other part-time courses
Career Opportunities
  • Beekeeping

Dates & Fees

Dates & Times
Start date: End date: Start time: End time:
21-Apr-2020 (Already Started) 16-Jun-2020 2.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.
Mode of attendance
Day of the week Number of sessions
Tue 8
Course Fees
Tuition fees (Part time standard) £180.00
Reservation fees (Part time standard) £30.00


Materials Required

Wellington boots
You are advised to wear trousers
Tetanus protection is recommended
Overalls, gloves and veils will be provided

What's next?

Applications for this course are now closed. If you'd like to know when there will be another or need more information we are happy to answer any questions.