Certificate of Competence - Pesticide Applications (Handheld)

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Horticulture HR160E07/19/3 Short Course

Course Information

This Certificate of Competence is a legal requirement if your job involves applying pesticides in a commercial role. This four-day training course will bring those with some experience in spraying up to the standard required to take the NPTC C&G Foundation module (PA1) and Hand Held Applicator module (PA6A). Please note: We aim to arrange the PA6 assessment for the Friday of the course.


  • Award in The Safe Application of Pesticides Using Pedestrian Hand Held Equipment (QCF)
Course Content
  • Day 1 - Legislation, LERAP, codes of practice, label interpretation, assessing hazards and risks, sprayer safety, personal protective equipment.

    Day 2 - Pesticide storage and transportation, record keeping, disposal of pesticides and their containers, environmental protection.

    Day 3 - Planning and preparation, alternative methods of control, types of sprayer, nozzle selection, pre-spraying procedure, sprayer maintenance, calibration, handling and mixing, decontamination.

    Day 4 - Assessment arranged with independent NPTC assessor.
Entry Requirements
  • Candidates should have adequate levels of numeracy and literary.
    As an approximate guide, candidates should be at a minimum of Level 1 numeracy and literacy
    Minimum age is 16 years
    Tetanus protection is recommended.
Next Steps
  • Other Certificates of Competence available, e.g., Mowers, Brushcutters & Strimmers, Chainsaws, etc.
Career Opportunities
  • Any employment requiring pesticide application

Dates & Fees

Dates & Times
Start date: End date: Start time: End time:
11-Feb-2020 (Already Started) 14-Feb-2020 9.15 a.m. 4.45 p.m.
Mode of attendance
Day of the week Number of sessions
Tue - Fri 4
Course Fees
Tuition fees (Part time standard) £240.00
Reservation fees (Part time standard) £50.00
Registration fees (Part time standard) £200.00


Materials Required

Basic stationery - notepad, pens, pencils, ruler and eraser.
National Insurance (NI) number.
Wellington Boots.
Steel toe-capped boots, spraying overalls, spraying (Nitrile) gloves and a face shield - all protective equipment will be inspected

What's next?

Applications for this course are now closed. If you'd like to know when there will be another or need more information we are happy to answer any questions.