Animal Transport by Road - Short Journey (Assessment)

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Animal Welfare & Science AG113E07/22/1 Short Course

Course Information

Please note that this is for the assessment only, relating to moving animals by road for short journeys (up to 8 hours).

The overall qualification is based around the movement of farm animals, birds (poultry) and horses. It covers transportation over 65km on short (up to, and including, eight-hour) road journeys. To transport animals by road, you will need to understand key regulations and you will also need to ensure that any animals you transport are properly protected.


  • L2 Award in Animal Transport by Road (Short Journey)
Course Content
  • This assessment consists of one core module and additional specialist modules in birds, cattle, goats, horses, pigs and sheep.

    You can complete the training leading to this assessment through LANTRA's e-Learning course. This is available at and costs £61.95+VAT. This is payable direct to LANTRA when you book the course.

    You may also want to refer to animal welfare guidelines provided by the Government at

    Once you have completed the e-Learning package, or if you feel that you are otherwise ready to undertake the assessment, please book with us.
Entry Requirements
  • Ideally you should have completed the LANTRA e-Learning course and understood the Government guidelines on animal welfare.

    LANTRA e-Learning:
    Government guidelines:
Next Steps
  • Once you have complete the e-Learning, please book the LANTRA assessment through us.
Career Opportunities
  • Transportation of animals for short journeys.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Times
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13-Dec-2022 (Applications Closed) 13-Dec-2022 14.00 16.00
Mode of attendance
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Tue 1
Course Fees
Registration fees (Part time standard) £62.00

e-Learning: £61.95 + VAT (directly payable to LANTRA)
assessment fee: £62.00 (no VAT).

Materials Required

You will need online access and a PC/Mac to undertake the e-Learning, but for our assessment you'll just need to turn up!

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